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‘Turiya’  translates to ‘Fourth State’ in Vedic Sanskrit and refers to the state of awareness found through meditation that transcends the reality made ‘real’ by the senses, thought’s and belief.

In late 2019 Leah and Edoardo created the first live sound cape for Yin Yoga at 'Stones throw Yoga' in Mundering with yoga teacher Amanda Howell and have been enjoying the flow of opportunities that have been presented since.

Teaming up with with various teachers and studio’s around Perth including, Fremantle Yoga Cente, Yoga Om, Stone's Throw, Vital Beat and Nannup Music Festival we cater each soundscape for each event and improvise according to the energy and environment in the room. 

Invoking your healing journey with their blend of ambient otherworldly electronica, ethereal vocals, ancient Sanskrit songs and organic instruments. Leah’s songwriting depicts the journey to come back home within to experience our true nature which is unwavering divine bliss.

Arranging music for Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin classes and now live Ecstatic dance experiences.

Leah and Ed also offer a unique extended sound immersion for sacred circles and ceremonies.

Available for bookings throughout Perth and the South West we offer music for:

House Concerts

Wellness Retreats

Healing Circles


Festivals Workshops

Private Functions

Ecstatic Dance

Yoga Studio collaborations


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